The studio is open for weaving sessions, by appointment, on Thursdays and Fridays 10 - 4pm.
Other times are available by arrangement.

2 Hour Starter Session

2 hour Saori weaving session - A great way to start your experience of Saori weaving. Looms are set up ready for you to begin.
Exciting supply of yarns-A "wall of wool", cottons, silks and fancy yarns. Unusual materials, fabrics and a lucky dip box of treasures to incorporate into your weaving.

£25 + materials (£2/oz)

Stage 1

Book a course of 6 x 2 hour sessions that can be completed in a block or over a number of weeks.

Learn more weaving techniques.
Explore "art yarn" making techniques on the bobbin winder.
Make your own warp and dress the loom.
Explore Saori clothes making possibilities.

£120 + materials (£2/oz)

Studio Time

Use the studio, with looms and equipment, as your workshop, by appointment.
Work on your own projects.
Once you have completed stage 1 and 2 and feel confident in using the looms with enough knowledge of technique and processes to independently develop your own work.
This is not an instructional session.

£7 per hour + materials (£2/oz)

Talks, demonstrations and workshops around the UK

ethika1web.jpgThe Saori Shed can bring looms, Sakiori fabric cutter and equipment to your group and give a talk, demonstration or workshop in the joyful art of Saori weaving.

Banner Workshop

Banner workshop. Create your own group Saori banner - great for centres, schools and groups of every kind! Saori looms brought to your group with yarns and materials.

Spinning art yarns

yarn2web.jpgFor spinners who can already spin a basic single ply yarn. Develop your skills to create one off 'art yarns' full of texture. Coils, add-ins; fabric, felt, feathers and treasures, boucles and twists, exploration of long haired fleeces. Small groups welcome at the studio with your own wheel or I offer art yarn spinning sessions to groups and guilds. Materials provided.

Follow on sessions

Explore the Saori way by booking 2 Hour slots on the looms.
Looms are set up ready to use.
Further exploration of Saori weaving techniques.
Advice for finishing your cloth and ideas for what to make with your cloth whether clothing, hanging or sculptural.

£22 per session + materials (£2/oz)

Stage 2

Stage 2 - 6 x 2 hour sessions that can be used in a block or over a number of weeks.
This course builds on the skills learnt in Stage 1.

Explore more weavingtechniques.
Make a warp and learn to dress the loom irregularly, without intention.
Learn sewing techniques to transform your cloth into a sculptural piece or beautiful clothing.

£120 + materials (£2/oz)

'Have a go' sessions

We take the looms out to a variety of events throught the year to encourage peope to 'have a go' and explore the joyful art of Saori weaving. If you would like to have a try please sign up to the mailing list or join the Facebook page.

Workshops at festivals and fairs

f.faircropweb.jpgWe host Woolly Workshops for children to adults in spinning yarns; on drop spindles made from potatoes! and on 'spinning twigs', Giant, miniature and interactive body knitting, Giant freeform crochet and Saori Weaving.

giantknittingweb3.jpgThe Saori Shed is based at designemrmakers21, No.21 St Nicholas Street,Diss.

If you are coming from far away there is a selection of recommended Bed and Breakfasts locally that weavers use. Please email for more details.