Studio Workshops

The Saori Shed is a registered Saori weaving studio and supplier of Saori weaving looms and equipment based in Norfolk, UK.

The Saori shed offers freestyle weaving sessions to first time to experienced weavers in the joyful art of Saori weaving. We also go out to groups and events around the UK and give talks, demonstrations or workshops in Saori weaving. We offer a variety of workshops for individuals, schools and groups of every kind. Workshops can also be tailored to suit individual needs.

Kim of The Saori Shed comes from a knitwear background and specializes in designing and making knitwear that can be worn in many ways. She became interested in weaving through spinning wild, 'art' yarns and found weaving a way of showing them off to their best potential. Kim trained at Saori No Mori in Japan in 2012 and became a registered Saori studio. She and fellow Saori Shed weavers travel around the UK with Saori looms giving people the chance to try out this fanntastic way of weaving and inspiring others to get in touch with their inner creativity. The Saori Shed studio is open for weaving sessions through out the year.