Saori Weaving Books

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Saori Self-Innovation Through Free Weaving by Misao Jo and Kenzo Jo

This is the NEW and updated version of the origial 'Self Discovery Through free Weaving' book. Written in English.



This is the handbook for Saori weaving. There are very detailed step-by-step instructions and coloured photographs on how to use a Saori weaving loom, Saori weaving techniques and a section on Saori clothes making.

Shitate no Hon by Saori leaders' commitee

Original Saori clothing pattern book written in Japanese. Over 50 clear, easy to follow diagrams to make dresses, coats, tops, trousers from your woven cloth.



Beginners Saori Clothing Design by SaoriNoMori

New! Just released English Version.
Beautifully photographed, inspiring pattern book with 12 easy to follow patterns using only a straight stitch and 3 kinds of seams. Now written in English with very clear diagrams to show you how to transform your woven cloth into wearable clothes.




NEW Saori Intermediate Pattern Book

Following on from the Beginners Saori Clothing Design book, this NEW Saori pattern book is inspiring.
This book contains 9 new, adaptable patterns that you can make with 7 kinds of seams. Patterns are for skirts, trousers and tops with sewn necklines. Written in Japanese, each pattern has very clear, easy to follow diagrams for how to make each garment along with beautiful photographs to inspire your clothes making.




Fuku no katachi ni Suru - Blue pattern book by Saori Hiroba

New Saori clothes making pattern book. Instructions are written in Japanese but very clear, easy to follow diagrams so that you can transform your woven cloth into unique clothing.



Gorgeous photos with clear cutting, folding and sewing diagrams. Very easy to make, relaxed, wearable clothing out of simple shapes.

Graphic Sakiori

'Saki' means to split or to tear, 'Ori' is weaving in Japanese. This is a traditional Japanese technique where old kimonos are split into strips to create a new cloth.



Graphic Sakiori is an inspirational photo book in the art of Sakiori weaving - weaving with strips of fabrics - rags, old clothes and treasured materials. A fantastic book to keep referring back to for inspiration.

Kyomo Jiyuni Oru - edited by Tatsuya Jo

The title means 'I weave freely today, as always'.

Edited by one of the grandsons of Misao Jo, this Japanese written book shows a creative and relaxing lifestyle where people enjoy Saori weaving in their daily life. Beautiful photography and clear, visual explanations on basic techniques of warping, threading and weaving.



NEW Saori Accessories book - Totteoki no Zakka tachi

New Saori Accessories book is packed full of inspiring photographs of accessories from Saori sudios around Japan. Lots of great ideas for using up small scraps of Saori weavings and some great projects including bags, slippers, hats and some stuffed animals.
This is a beautifully photograhed ideas book with some step by step photo instructions for finishing bags and totes.
Written in Japanese but can be easily interpreted by very clear photographs.