Saori Accessories

The Saori Shed has a variety of Saori weaving accessories in stock.
Shuttles, threading accessories, fabric cutters and more.
A variety of Saori Ready made warps (PDF) are kept in stock, these vary in sizes and lengths in black cotton or wool.
Ready made warps work in conjunction with Saori weaving looms so that you don't have to make your own warps. Simply take a pre made warp cartridge, slot it onto your looms, thread up and you can begin weaving.
SPECIAL pre made warps are now in stock in a variety of colours .

The complete list of Equipment can be seen here.

To place an order please use the Order form, if you have any questions about equipment please contact

Boat shuttle - no spindle

Saori boat shuttle that has no spindle, a medium sized shuttle-no-spindleweb.jpgbobbin just sits in the slot. This is a very light shuttle that is great for children to use.



Saori boat shuttles

boat-shuttlesweb.jpgVarying sizes from small (24cm long) to extra large (41.5cm long).
Medium boat shuttles are 34cm long and weigh 135g, Saori also make a light medium boat shuttle weighing 95g. All shuttles take appropriate sized Saori bobbins.

Small - £28
Medium - £33
Medium light - £38
Extra large - £54



shuttlesweb.jpgSmall (7.5cm) - £8

Medium (37.5cm) - £9

Large (50cm) - £10

Extra large (65cm) - £18


Sakiori” (Saki = split or to tear, Ori = weaving)

This is a traditional Japanese technique where old kimonos are split into strips to create a new cloth. Otherwise known as rag weaving.

Sakiori gives new life into old worn-out fabric which would have otherwise been thrown away or abandoned. It is devised from the spirit of “Mottainai” which treasures and respects all resources and to not be wasteful.

Sakiori Fabric Cutter

sakitacutter04web.jpgsakitacutter07web.jpgFanatastic, time saving device that shreds your fabric into weavable strips.

Comes with 5mm blades - £104
Optional blades come in 4mm, 8mm, or 15mm - £62



bobbinsweb.jpgVariety of bobbins to fit Saori boat shuttles, with or without flanges (metal end rings).

£6 per set


Threading holder



This brilliant tool that enables you to thread the reed and harnesses off the loom, at a table in a comfortable position. Threading holder fits all of the 60 series but not the Piccolo loom.



Cross holder

cross_holder1web.jpgcross_holder2web.jpgConveniently holds the cross of the warp while you thread the reed. This can be used on or off the loom.